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Class 1 – Miss Maloney

Welcome to Class 1

Around the World

This term our Topic is Around the World. We have had such a busy and fun filled first week back. At the start of the week we created our own passports to enable us to fly around the world. Throughout the week we researched key facts about China and Italy. At the end of the week we tried Chinese and Italian food.



At the start of the week we were super excited to receive letters from our Hong Kong friends. The children had worked together to write/type letters to children who attend a school in Hong Kong and were super excited to receive their replies.



This week we have been looking at Italy. We have identified what the capital of Italy is, where it can be found on a map, what currency they use and, we have started to research the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The children worked very hard not only when drawing the famous landmark but also when building it using cocktail sticks and blue tack. 








Whatever the Weather

This term our Topic is Whatever the Weather.

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the different types of weather and the impacts they have on the world.

We looked at why rain falls from the sky and how it happens. We used water, shaving foam, a glass jar and food colouring to carry out our experiment.

We also explored Earthquakes, researching why they happen, how they happen and the damages they cause. We used jelly, marshmallows and cocktail sticks to see if we could construct a building strong enough to survive an earthquake. 


The children have started to create weekly weather diaries which we have discussed at the end of the week.



Last week we looked at the 4 seasons. By the end of the week we were able to order them correctly and tell all of our friends what weather we normally have during each season. This week we identified how the tress change during each season. We then decided to paint our favourite season onto a slice of bread.


Toy Story

This week we have been looking at Toy Story. We made our own Mr or Mrs Potato Head using real potatoes. We then went onto making a house for our potato head to live in. We did some amazing writing and pretended to be Mr/Mrs Potato Head, writing in the first person.



This term our Topic is toys. We were very excited to receive a case full of toys from The Lincolnshire Life Museum. 


The children also brought in some of their family members favourite toys. 

Healthy Foods

This week we have been looking at healthy and unhealthy foods. We really enjoyed trying a range of different foods and sorting them into healthy and unhealthy categories. Using our healthy foods knowledge we then created a face using lots of different foods. Yummy! 

Dr Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders

We were so excited when we received a parcel from Dr Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders. We were all presented with a new tooth brush and a mini tube of tooth paste. We watched a video which told us why it is important to clean our teeth and how to brush our teeth properly. We were very excited to take our new tooth brushes home and try them out!!


All About Me

Wow we have been super busy already this term. We welcomed some new faces into Class 1. We are very impressed with how quickly they have settled in.



This term our topic is All About Me. We have been exploring our senses by putting our hands in jelly, smelling some lemons and we even had ago at tasting a few things.