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Governor Information

Welcome to the Governors' section.

Our Governors this year  are:


Chair and Chair of Finance Committee Gill Murdoch (Parent)

Vice Chair and Chair of Policy and Curriculum  To be confirmed shortly

Head of School Jeff Day – (Staff- Head)

Deputy Head Zoe Longstaff (Staff)

Lynne Carter- (Community)

Gill Lloyd (Foundation)

Marc Woods -(Parent)

Chris Geeson-(Foundation)

Sue Marris - (Community)

Vacant (LEA)

Vacant (Parent)


(Clerk to the Governors – Fiona Murphy)


The Governors of the school are a representative group of people who are appointed to be responsible for various aspects of the school. Since the introduction of Local Management of Schools, these have included overseeing the financial administration of the school, curriculum issues, personnel and sites and buildings. Their work is conducted through meetings every term of all Governors, sub committees and occasionally of working parties.

Dates and attendance of the main meetings for the last school year are given below. Copy minutes of ratified Full Governors Meetings can be obtained on request.

The Head Teacher of the school presents written reports and strives to ensure that Governors are kept fully informed of the school work, changes in educational practice and, with the assistance of the Clerk, the law, in order that they can effectively carry out their responsibilities.
The Governing Body is made up of representatives from the Church (Foundation governors), Lincolnshire County Council (LEA governors), parents (Parent Governors), teaching staff, (Staff Governors) and the community (Co-opted Governors).
Foundation governors are elected by the Parochial Church Council from its electoral roll; LEA governors are appointed by LCC (in some cases from political party nominations); Parent governors (for each site) are elected by ballots of parents of children at the school; Staff Governors volunteer and Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Bodies.
Whenever there are vacancies there will be work in progress to fill these and appointments will be confirmed on the website as soon as possible.

Sub Committees

Each Governor joins a Sub Committee which meets regularly and reports to the Governing Body. The sub committees carry out the majority of the work of the Governing Body. They have specific functions and report on a regular basis to the main Governing Body. Each committee has Terms of Reference, which set out the responsibilities and the amount of decision-making authority they hold.
In addition individual Governors have responsibility for developing their expertise and understanding of the role of particular issues in school. There are named Governors with responsibility for:






Performance Management

GillMurdoch/Lynne Carter /Gill Lloyd

2 X Annual

SchoSportol Grounds and


Marc Woods


2x Annual with Head

Health and Safety

Lynne Carter

2x Annual


Gill Lloyd

KS 1 +2 2x Annual

Maths and Literacy

Lynne Carter

KS 1 +2 2x Annual + 1 attendance at SIP Perf Mangmt meeting


Gill Murdoch


Class RM Management

Shortly to be confirmed

2 x Annual

RE +Church

Mrs G Lloyd


Early Years

Gill Murdoch

2x Annual – end Summer/Oct

Sex and Relationships

Gill Murdoch



Gill Lloyd


2x signing off CRBs

At 2 monthly SIP/PM Meetings


Gill Murdoch


Computer Studies

Shortly to be confirmed

2 x Annual

Each governor is encouraged to visit regularly. This helps to give governors a ‘face’ in the school, to see teaching first hand and to build a relationship with the children.
School governors provide support and direction to our school and bring together views from the Parish Church, school staff, parents, the Local Authority and the local community.


Governors Register of Business Interests

Name Category/Appointment Interests Attendance Date appointed Term of Office/Resignation Date
Gill Murdoch (Chair) Parent None Regular

Orignally 03/11/2011

renewed 03/11/2015

4 years
Jeff Day (Head) Head Teacher None Regular 1993 Continuous whilst in post
Zoe Longstaff Staff None Regular

Originally 01/09/2008

-renewed 01/09/2012 and 01/09/2016

4 years
Lynne Carter Community None Regular 10/02/14 4 years
Gill Lloyd Foundation None Regular 15/01/14 4 years
Marc Woods Parent None Regular 12/03/15 4 Years
Chris Geeson Foundation None Regular 20/02/15 4 years
Sue Marris Community None Regular 03/03/17 4 Years
Rebecca Wills Community None Regular 01/11/13 Resigned 24/11/16
Sarah Capes Parent None Regular until recently 04/06/2017 Resigned 13/03/17
Mark Noonan LEA None Regular until recently 15/07/14 Resigned 13/03/17