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Junior PCSO

JPSCO - Junior Police Cadet School Officers Scheme

JPSCO - Junior Police Cadet School Officers Scheme 1

The role of the JPCSO is to work with school staff and Lincolnshire Police to be good citizens within the school environment and be helpful to other children. 


Some of their tasks are:


  • Encourage respect between all pupils
  • Helping to find solutions to problem or conflicts within school
  • Passing on advice and information through Assemblies, leaflets or posters.



On Tuesday 31st October the Junior Officers delivered their first assembly of the year on the importance of safety during  Bonfire Night and on how to have a Happy and respectful Halloween Night.  They did a super job delivering very important messages.  Well done!

Bike coding.


On Tuesday 13th June our JPCSO's were busy helping to code pupils bicycles with the owners postcodes in case they are ever stolen.  Thanks go to Community Police officer Sarah Lingard and Mrs Cook for organising this.

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Diversity assembly.


On Tuesday 21st February the whole school listened to an informative assembly on the theme of 'Diversity' delivered by our school's JPCSOs.  Sarah our local Community Police Officer also attended.  The school community was encouraged to think about how we celebrate Diversity and differences in our school as part of our British Values curriculum.  Mrs Cook and our JPCSOs did a great job in delivering this important message to our school.

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