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Welcome to Class 1

Bright Lights, Big Cities

This term our Topic focuses greatly on London. Today Class 1 found out about a special even which the Queen hosts 3 time a year. We were very excited to find out more information about what happens at a Royal Garden Tea Party. We discovered what people had to wear, who was lucky enough to receive an invitation and, what kind of music is played at the event. The children decided to host their own Royal Tea Party. We discussed as a Class what we needed to prepare.  The children decided to:

  • Make hats
  • Decorate the room using bunting
  • Make sandwiches for the party

We also watched a video which showed how people greeted the Queen at a Royal Garden Tea Party and decided to do the same.



The Enchanted Forest

This term our Topic is 'The Enchanted Forest'. This week we have been looking at the fairytale Hansel and Gretel as this story is set in a forest. The children decided to make a trail using bread just like in the story.




We explored which animals live in a woodland area. We used resources which we may find in the woods/forest to make them. We had lots of fun and we decided to make our own paintbrushes.



This week we have planted our own herbs. We researched what herbs need in order to grow and created our own watering rota. We are looking forwards to watching them grow.



This week we recapped all of the different resources we can find in a forest. We discussed how we can use nature to create art and characters. The children worked in groups to collect all of the items which they wished to use when creating their own character. As you can see the children had lots of fun and really took their time thinking about how they could use the items which they had collected.




Paws, Claws and Whiskers



This term our Topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We have had lots of fun learning about. We discovered which animals belong to the reptile family and identified certain features e.g. scaly skin. Then we researched what we would need to take care of a certain reptile. Finally we made habitats and our own reptiles.



Sahara Desert

Last week we travelled to the Sahara Desert. We explored which items we needed to pack and explained why. Then we became tour guides and found out lots of facts about the desert!



This week we have been learning about the Antarctic. We have discovered lots of amazing facts about the different animals which live in the Antarctic. We were very curious as to how the animals stayed warm so we decided to carry out an experiment. Before completing the experiment we decided as a group that their fur keeps them warm when on land but we were not sure what kept them warm when in water. The children had great fun and discovered that the animals fat called Blubber helps keep them warm when in the water.




We have really enjoyed learning about all of the different animals which can be found on a farm. We have also looked at all of the various jobs which have to be completed on a farm or in order for the farm to run smoothly. The children made a list of all of the jobs why they would/not like to complete. They then made their own farms making sure that there were keyworkers for each area.


Bring your pet to the live lesson!

To finish off our Animals Topic, we decided to look at animals which you could have as pets. The children enjoyed bring their pets to the live lesson and talking about them! 



This term our Topic is Space. On Monday we had a mystery visitor who left their muddy front prints all over the floor. We were very excited to find a present and a letter from the visitor. We had lots of fun creating a rocket to help the visitor get back to where they came from.



Later on in the week we looked at the story 'Aliens in Underpants Save the World'. This term we are looking at materials in Science, so we decided to create our own pair of pants using a range of materials.



Last week we had a fantastic time looking at rockets. We worked together to make some amazing rockets using a range of different materials.



Today we tried Astronaut food. We weren't sure at first of the dried strawberries however, we were super excited to try the neapolitan ice cream sandwich.


Memory Box

 This term our Topic is 'Memory Box'. This week we received a letter from Buttons the bear asking Class 1 to host a Teddy Bear Picnic. Reception worked very hard to make decorations and Year 1 made invitations to hand out. We all really enjoyed making sandwiches for the picnic!




Please do not forget to check out the weekly newsletters page so you can see all of the exciting activities which we will be getting up to!




We have been creating lots of new memories this term. The children have had great fun creating their own stories. Here are 2 Reception children recreating a scene from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.



Year 1 became PE Teachers and created their own fitness circuits. They then took it in turns to demonstrate each exercise/activity.



This term our topic is Superheroes! We were sent a top secret mission to complete! Can you guess what it was?



Our Science focus this term is fruit and vegetables. Yesterday we explored which fruits and vegetables grow above or below ground. We are very lucky to have such amazing grounds and went exploring to our very own greenhouse!




We have decided to grow our own vegetables. Every day we have a different water monitor. We are super excited to watch our vegetables grow. 



Last week we explored different materials. We were given a special mission to complete. We had to investigate which materials were waterproof. However, there was a slight twist ...... we had to use water pistols! We had great fun!




Today we created our own Supertato animations using real vegetables. 




Rio De Vida (Carnivals and Brazil)



This week we launched our new topic! At the start of the week we had a look at Carnivals, looking closely at the

the type of headdress which are warn. We discussed what types of colours were used, their meanings and which materials were used. I was extremely impressed with the designs which the children created!



Then we decided to look at which animals live in the Amazon Rainforest. The children have been working very hard to create lists and fact files!


Finally we made our favourite animals from the Amazon Rainforest out of recyclable materials.


We have  been enjoying listening to songs from the movie Rio. The children expressed how certain songs made them feel and drew pictures to represent these feelings. We then looked at the short clip where the small bird tried so hard to fly but he couldn't! My amazing creators decided to invent an object which would help him fly!

Later on in the week the children worked very hard to create their own amazing Amazon artwork.


Inventors and Technology


We are very excited about our new topic! On our first day back we received a letter from a Professor along with a mysterious object! We have been working very hard in our Invention Machine to find out what this piece of technology can do! 


We have also been learning about Alexander Graham Bell, who was the first person to invent the telephone. 






The Circus

Fashion Designers

After researching famous designers Willow Morris and Collin Attwood, we decided to design our own circus outfits. We used our understanding of materials to decide which materials would be the best to use. Later on in the week we had a fashion show.


Face Painting

This week we have been looking at different circus acts. As a class we decided that our favourite act and character from a circus is the clown! At the start of the week we looked at the designs which clowns may have on their faces. We then designed our own, carefully thinking about shape, colour and repeating patterns. At the end of the week the children painted each other's faces using face paints. They had great fun!



We are super excited to announce that this term we shall be looking at The Circus! We have already decided what amazing information we would like to find out about it!!




Fairy Tales


Elves and The Shoemaker 
After reading Elves and The Shoemaker we decided to make our own houses for the Elves. We were very excited to use chocolate spread, biscuits and sweets!




The Ugly Duckling

This week in English we have been looking at the story of The Ugly Duckling. We felt so sorry for the Duckling that we decided to make him a raft so that the other ducks would think that he was 'cool'. We used our understanding of materials to decide which materials would be best to make a waterproof raft. We had lots of fun!




The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Over the past week we have really enjoyed learning about the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. After listening to the story a few children suggested that they wanted to build their own bridge. We linked this amazing idea with our Science lessons, looking closely at materials and deciding which materials would be suitable to build a bridge. 






After looking at Jack and the Beanstalk for the past two weeks we decided to plant our own beans. Richard our gardener told us all about the different types of beans. He also told us about the different stages of beans and what plants need in order to grow. We even had a little munch on some beans we picked. 




Jack and the Beanstalk 

This week we have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. In our Science lessons we have been looking at different materials and today we decided to make Jack a parachute just in case the beanstalk were to fall down. After we had made our amazing parachutes we then carried out a suitability test using key words such as short, long, heavy and light.