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Holidays in Term Time

Important Information Regarding Term-time Holidays

The following includes an extract from the Lincolnshire County Council Code of Conduct 2013 following guidance received from the Department for Education:

The Education (Pupil registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 have removed the reference to holidays during term time and now provides that a leave of absence during term time will only be granted where an application is made in advance to the school and the school consider that the leave of absence should be granted due to exceptional circumstances relating to that application.

What amounts to “exceptional circumstances” is a matter for the discretion of the Headteacher and should be judged on a case by case basis but it is unlikely to amount to an exceptional circumstance if it is merely claimed that a holiday abroad can only be afforded in term time or that a parent is unable to take leave during school holidays (this is a matter between the parent and their employer).

Parents should still apply for leave in the normal manner; a letter will subsequently be issued declining the holiday.  If you choose to continue with the holiday we have no option but to ask Lincolnshire County Council to issue a fixed penalty notice.

If a parent pays the penalty notice within 21 days from the date it is served the sum due from the parent to discharge the penalty notice is £60.

The parent can still pay the notice after 21 days but the payment increases to £120 and this must be paid before 28 days have passed from the date of service.

Failure to pay may result in court action.

Further details of the Regulation Amendment can be found on the Government’s Department for Education website link:



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