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Milk in School



If your child is joining school in September they may be entitled to free or subsidised milk, depending on their age. Whilst your child is under the age of 5, they are entitled to receive milk completely free of charge under the UK Government’s Nursery Milk Scheme.


When your child turns 5 or if they are already over 5, you have the option to pay for their milk. We have made arrangements with the UK’s leading school milk supplier, Cool Milk, to supply milk at a subsidised cost of approx. £15 per term.


What you need to do:

If your child is under the age of 5 at the start of term, school will register your child for free milk automatically. We will provide Cool Milk with your child’s name and date of birth as part of the registration process.


Should you wish to opt out of this automatic registration, please contact the school office.

When your child turns 5, or if they are already over the age of 5, you have the option to pay for their milk directly through Cool Milk.


Please follow the registration process below to continue milk provision after your child’s 5th birthday visit www.coolmilk.com as soon as possible and select "Register your child for milk here", then follow the on-screen instructions to register and pay


If your child is over 5 and entitled to benefit-based free school meals, school will fund the cost of their milk on your behalf.


Each pupil that registers with Cool Milk will receive a carton of semi-skimmed milk everyday, which is delivered fresh and chilled to the classroom. A portion of fresh, chilled milk at mid-morning break provides protein, calcium and other vital nutrients, important for your child's growth and development. It's also a great way to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, re-hydrating your child and giving them a boost of energy and helps them to concentrate in class.


Should you have any queries regarding your child's registration or milk supply, please do not hesitate to contact Cool Milk directly at customerservices@coolmilk.com or call 0844 854 2913.