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Online Safety

The Education Safeguarding & Welfare Officer has provided the following information:


There has been another round of highly inappropriate horror-based content on various social media platforms, and no doubt there will continue to be periodically.  The LSCP is looking at a focus on parental control over the Christmas period.


It is important that children and young people feel confident in disclosing to adults when they see or experience something which upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable – whether that is to talk to a trusted teacher or family member – and that they do not feel worried that the app will just be taken away from them.


Please encourage parents/carers and staff to be mindful that this sort of thing exists and to always be available to talk about it and reassure them, and to always discuss when they feel uncomfortable online.


The links below is support material with regards to parental controls for apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation and a variety of other popular services presented by Internet Matters and also a reminder that TikTok has recently updated their parental controls so parents/carers can have more control over what their children are doing online.




https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54974813 - news article on parental control updated by TikTok from last week


https://www.tiktok.com/safety/resources/for-parents?lang=en&appLaunch=web – this has info on how to 'pair' and account (to allow monitoring)