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At Swinderby All Saints Primary School each child and staff member is treated as an individual with many talents and potential.  Our aim is to unlock this potential and to enable the child to take their place in a modern, ever changing world equipped with the skills to succeed.  Our core values of Truthfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion and Respect underpin all that we do.


At Swinderby, we focus on every individual learning to read successfully so that they can be become flourishing fluent readers.


The learning that takes place is relevant, challenging and fun and staff try to achieve this in all that they do.  Knowledge and key skills are revisited regularly throughout the primary journey and build upon each other as a child progresses through the school.


The curriculum is broad, balanced and well planned in order to stimulate and interest the children and instill in them a love of questioning and life long learning.



The school's 'Intent' is to provide each child with a challenging, exciting and varied curriculum.  It is designed to provide enriched opportunities for the children to ensure that they begin to understand the world in which they live and enable them to play their part and succeed in the multi cultural and diverse society in which they will live as adults.  


The school's curriculum is mapped out and planned using a variety of sources including White Rose Maths, The Cornerstones curriculum for Science, History, Geography, Computing, Art and Design, Design Technology and languages.  The English curriculum is made up of bespoke planning and Read, Write, Inc for phonics, spelling and handwriting.


The curriculum is planned out to provide a curriculum that enables learners to build on prior learning and support children to know more and remember more.  There is clear curriculum ownership by the school's subject leads who regularly monitor its overall effectiveness.

Each subject is taught using the following principles:

Key knowledge and skills

Specific vocabulary






The school currently has three classes that can be made up of different year groups depending upon numbers.  The school operates a two year cycle of exciting topics each with a specific  'driver subject' e.g Science, History etc.

This can be seen below.

These knowledge/ skills based topics cover all the areas of the curriculum including Science, History, Geography, Computing, Art and Design and Design Technology.  Each topic begins with a memorable experience such as a school trip, external visitor or an event.  This then engages the children and 'hooks them' into the new learning.

English teaching is made up of: reading, writing, handwriting and speaking and listening and spelling is taught discreetly alongside the White Rose Maths scheme.  The Lincolnshire Agreed syllabus is followed for RE.  PHSE/RSE and PE are also taught separately.  The Music curriculum is delivered in KS2 by the Lincolnshire Music Service.


In all areas of learning formative assessments are carried out at the start of lessons to enable teachers to plan the lessons according to the specific needs and interests of the children.  Summative assessments are then carried out at the end of units of work so that standards achieved can be measured.




The impact is measured both formally and informally through a variety of assessment including those with standardised scores.  Observations are carried out on the children and assessments are recorded on 'The Cornerstones' curriculum website.

Children will talk knowledgeably about their learning and can articulate what they have learnt.

3 Year Curriculum Cycle for ALL year groups