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Vision and Values

This is Our Mission Statement:

Our intention is that all children, regardless of language, faith or culture, should feel valued as individuals.

As a school with a Christian Foundation, we are guided by Christian Values.

As part of this heritage we are  in a position to offer a firm foundation for a more just multicultural society that celebrates tolerance and diversity.

We regard all children as being of equal value and our aim is to show by our curriculum, attitudes and values that cultural diversity is welcome in our school. Our intention is that all children, regardless of language, faith or culture, should feel valued as individuals.


Our School Aims:

  1. to ensure that the curriculum enables children to grow in knowledge, skills and understanding
  2. to build Christian values into the ethos and teaching without exerting  pressure to believe
  3. to encourage the spiritual and moral development of the whole school community
  4. to encourage the active involvement of its foundation governors and local clergy
  5. to build sympathetic and constructive relationships between home, community and school, which provide preparation for the pupil’s entry into the wider society
  6. to show concern and care for all the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and parents, as well as pupils
  7. to develop a positive attitude and respect for the school buildings and its environment

Christian Values.

At Swinderby All Saints Church of England Primary School we believe it is important to develop core values by which to live and these help to develop a moral and spiritual awareness. We seek to explore the meanings of the core values and their significance through daily acts of worship delivered by the teachers of the school as well as Rev. Vaughan and other guests.


Our Christian Values are: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forgiveness and Respect.


These are the core values we want our children to leave with. Whilst these gifts are inclusive of human values, we try to anchor them into the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories and readings. We attend services at Swinderby All Saint's Church at least every term to worship.

 Our Leavers' service takes place in the school, at the end of the school year. Families and the local community are warmly invited to join us on all of these occasions.

Swinderby School prayer